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  • Tenet



    It has been a week since the premiere, and it has been a while since I do a movie review, and only now I have the time to write this review. I’ve watched twice since then, first watch is just by myself, 2nd watch with family.

    Is this movie perfect? Probably not. Is it Chris Nolan's best work? Probably not, although it's too early to tell, but i do appreciate the ambitious and large scale shown in this movie.  …

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    Leigh Whannell...who was working with James Wan behind the scene in horror genre, and now he is the master of the modern horror and thriller. The Invisible Man...can goes wrong on many level, but Leigh and Elisabeth Moss work together to create an effective and thought-provoking thriller/horror. Well acted by the casts, awesome cinematography, and the score is also just wow! Though the time running can be cut for at least 10 minutes but i’m sure had 2hours of blast in cinema.

    Go see this movie guys...i’m already planned to watch it again.

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  • Midsommar



    Holy moly... finally got to see the movie... Latest product of horror and disturbing from Ari Aster...

    The beginning of the movie already felt intense and some drama about those friends who planned to go to Sweden for an escape and visit a pagan community. So once they reached that place, one by one of unthinkable and disturbing things occured during their stay. I mean, there are many other movies about cult, so for me once the characters blended in…

  • Ready or Not

    Ready or Not


    >This is one example of many good dark comedy horror movie, combination of a modern and an old school take in film.
    >Samara Weaving gave a spectacular performance as Grace, this is one character that she’s going to remember in her whole career. 
    >The other cast that also shine is Adam Brody, he just played a casual character of one of the family.
    >The twist and turn and the plot is good and enjoyable, with a nice build-up and a…