Midsommar ★★★★

Some of the imagery in this film is so vile and grotesque that I felt sick; not in a fun way. Ari Aster loves to make a spectacle out of innocent character deaths that in any other movie would be more dignified. His MO was especially impactful in Hereditary, since the visceral act 1 imagery haunts the entirety of the film, and more or less pays off at the end by offering something new.

In this case, I don't know that I felt much beyond just being disturbed. This film feels like a fucking niGHTmARE at its finest moments, but when it tries to solidify its thesis, Ari doesn't show as much control as he does with the viscera.

But I loved it.... I really loved it.... there is next level shit in here that deeply fucked me up. I can't get some of those images out of my head. It's a nightmarish 150 (!!!!!) minutes that I'm not sure entirely cohere, but are consistently thrilling. No goddamn clue how this was finished only a year after Hereditary.

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