Moonlight ★★★★

From the perspective of a Mexican-American woman:

I wanted to fall in love with this movie. Subconsciously, I'm sure I wanted it to be perfect progressive depiction that would strengthen my liberal bubble. But, the pieces never fit together the way I wanted and in the end I was left with an incomplete puzzle that didn't look quite right. But, I realize now that this story is not for me, but for the people of color, specifically gay black men, whose experiences are never fully explored on film. It didn't have to be "perfect" for me or the white dude majoring in Film Studies. It had to be honest and real to the people of color who can connect to this journey. And it was the most honest portrayal of anyone or anything that I have ever seen in my life.

So, yes, Moonlight is not a "perfect" depiction of journey of a gay black man. Thank God for that.

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