Synecdoche, New York

Synecdoche, New York ★★★★

Kaufman always finds a way to get you hurt in the most human, predictable and twisted way possible. This film, in particular, smashes you with a feeling of sadness right at its begining and proceeds to put you in this turmoiled vision of what's real and fake. Kaufman breaks the 4th wall in a very unique realistic way, by pushing you into a highly familiar and bittersweet setting, where we confront mundane problems such as loneliness, disapointment, breakups, success or lack of it, and death.
This movie is a diary, a foggy colection of what could have been and what happened, it's a perfect goodbye of someone who's dead since the very start.
i'll never be able to watch one of his movies without fully engage and relate but at the same time words seem like a poor way of describing them, maybe because they're too personal and honest.
Brb, imma cry a bit.