Don't Go in the House

Don't Go in the House ★★★½

Don’t Go in the House is a little deranged flick. It’s a lower budget jam, but it’s really solid. There were a few moments that genuinely creeped me out and scared me. I imagined if I saw this when I was younger that I’d be freaked the fuck out. While there are moments that are a bore and it loses some steam as the horror fades, I still have to say I enjoyed it. The design of the burnt of bodies that haunt the main character is creepy to me. I didn’t like when he had his visions because they used such effective jump scares. There’s a little Psycho mixed in this which is an easy comparison. You could also throw in Maniac with the creepy ass voices telling him what to do. There’s a lot more disco in it, that for sure. Also, the main character is a mix between Jimmy Fallon and Dustin Hoffman.

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