• Blue's Big City Adventure

    Blue's Big City Adventure


    Steve looking directly into the camera and saying “It’s you. You’ve gotten so big since I last saw you.” That got my lady and I very emotional lol. I watched so much Blue’s Clues growing up. Steve was my era.

    Also there’s hella Filipino representation in this joint. Josh is clearly Filipino and Taboo (one of the Filipino guys from Black Eyed Peas) makes an appearance. Cool to see Alex Winter too.

  • Malignant



    Malignant fucking rules. I live for the wackiness of this movie. The scene in the jail cell and police station are all time stuff. While the concept is silly and you’ll laugh here and there, I love this sick and twisted tale. This didn’t get that much love outside of the horror community. People need to lighten up and have fun.

  • The Sandlot

    The Sandlot


    Just an absolute essential movie watch. Whether you are a baseball fan or not, The Sandlot is a must see movie. Not only did it shape the lives of many people, it features some of the funniest lines ever spoken in film. It’s along the same cloth as Goonies and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off as everyone has seen it, and no one really hates the movie. I can say with confidence that I’ve seen this movie more than 100 times.

  • Violent Night

    Violent Night


    If you were wanting to see David Harbour kill a bunch of bad guys as the one and only Santa Claus, this is the movie for you. The title violent night is quite fitting. This movie gets super duper violent and has really awesome fight choreography. There’s plenty of laugh out loud moments and an infinite amount of things to love. The finale is fucking awesome. I’d welcome a sequel with open arms. My only complaint was that it’s a little too long. At an hour and half or forty, we’d be better off.

  • The Thing

    The Thing


    Watched at the Landmark Del Mar Theater in Santa Cruz for a Midnight showing. 

    There was a fair amount of people in the crowd who hadn’t seen this yet which is so crazy to me. It was cool to see and hear their reactions to some of the best scares in cinematic history. 

    They did some John Carpenter trivia before the movie started and the winner got an art card that works as two free tickets for another midnight movie…

  • Green Room

    Green Room


    Easily one of my favorite movies of all time. It’s so brutal in Jeremy Saulnier fashion and involves punk. It’s literally right up my alley and even the though it’s very fucked up, I can watch whenever. Our main character wears a Minor Threat shirt and his band mate also wears a Dead Kennedy’s shirt. Like cmon man. They perform Nazi Punks Fuck Off in front of a room of skinheads…. Love it

  • Warlock III: The End of Innocence

    Warlock III: The End of Innocence


    Snoozer through and through. The budget really shows with the final film in the series. The hot chick from Hellraiser stars but this is lacking Julien Sands. There’s some Hellraiser elements to this I noticed. There’s a gnarly throat ripping out scene but other than that this was really lame.

  • Warlock: The Armageddon

    Warlock: The Armageddon


    This was far better than the first one. While the story wasn’t as strong as the first, I felt a lot more into it and engaged. This one also had some really awesome practical effects, thanks to Anthony Hickox and his crew. I loved the wackiness and goopiness of all of the effects. This was also a lot more violent than the first. Julien Sands was great in both of the first two entries of the series. He really goes…

  • Warlock



    I had seen the cover for this VHS and DVD back in the day at Blockbuster and Hollywood Video but this is my first time checking it out. I think the movie is very ambiguous and is definitely interesting. The beginning of the warlock and witch Hunter coming to modern day LA reminded me of Terminator 2. I was surprised how ruthless the warlock was, dude really gave zero fucks and caused havoc every where he went. On to the sequel…

  • A Wounded Fawn

    A Wounded Fawn


    One of the stronger Shudder Original entires I’ve seen in some time. Visually this is one of the best looking films that they’ve put out. The visuals are striking and is the selling point for sure. I will argue that there’s some good scares in this as well. The whole thing is very eerie and there’s a whole lot of what-the-fuckery going on throughout the movie. I love how it didn’t stray away from the violence and was genuinely a…

  • Trick or Treats

    Trick or Treats


    What a weird little movie. The kid might be the biggest little shit of all time. The poor hot babysitter was practically tortured by the little punk. I’ve always liked Peter Jason. He seriously looks like Meatloaf and has been in like hundreds of movies. Some funny moments here and there but this was just a weird one. Doubt I’d watch again.

  • Christmas Evil

    Christmas Evil


    Starting off December with a nice holiday centric picture.

    Went in expecting a slasher of sorts but is more so a serial killer kind of drama that we see from Maniac and Henry: Portrait it of a Serial Killer. I actually felt bad for out main character in this. Obviously he has mental issues but homeboy seriously loved Christmas and everyone just walked all over him. There were some decent blood effects in this but everything could have been stronger…