In the Mood for Love

I’m afraid I won’t be able to provide this with the review it deserves yet, for I am in the thick of AP exam and finals weeks (not to mention that I split this watch into two halves due to fatigue). I shall try to rectify this when I have time.

However, I am thoroughly impressed by my first Wong Kar-Wai film. There’s a certain emotional palpability that I personally relate to (given that I happen to obscure my feelings only to lose my chances at a romantic relationship in the end) and the acting and cinematography are noting short of phenomenal. I do like certain directorial techniques (such as the fact that we never see the spouses’ faces) to demonstrate the pervasive loneliness both characters feel. The main theme is excellent, though I did feel that some of the tracks were used a bit too frequently for sparse amounts of time, which had a mild amount of monotone, but that mostly boils down to personal preference.

I’m not comfortable settling on a rating yet (I hope to give it a rewatch after junior year finishes). However, after the chaos that was my school prom a couple weeks ago and the chaos that it reaped in my friend group (and briefly, I admit, my contentment towards being single), this was a very rewarding watch. Give it a shot if you haven’t already.

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