Us ★★★★

At the moment I feel Us to be a bit of a comedown in comparison to Get Out in terms of execution - certain creative choices result in a bit of tonal inconsistency, and the final twist is handled in an unwieldly manner, for example. Nonetheless, the sheer amount of ideas evidently bounding from Jordan Peele’s head onto the screen are admirable. He appears to have made strides in his presentation, making solid use of understated cinematography and a more accentuated musical score (minus the climactic “I Got 5 On It” rendition whose bass drops should have stayed in the trailer), all while deftly keeping an air of mystery throughout. Lupita Nyong’o deserves much of the hype that has amassed for her dual performance as well. I anticipate that this may age in my mind upon reflection similar to how last year’s Suspiria remake did - in which sheer ambition powers its first into earning my respect, and perhaps eventually my admiration.

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