Enola Holmes ★★½

Freshman-level fan fiction on 221B Faker Street.

Millie Bobby Brown is so busy breaking the fourth wall that she never has a chance to do anything engaging with the first, second, or third.

Cavill is Sherlock with all of the edges sanded down. (I like Fran Hoepfner's take: "Henry Cavill's take on Sherlock Holmes is, "what if... Sherlock Holmes... was played by Henry Cavill?")

The mystery is all about scrambled words that the audience is never given a moment to try unscrambling, and it wouldn't matter anyway, it turns out, because the resolution is entirely uninteresting. It's all somehow less than the sum of its elementary parts, and should have run about 92 minutes at most.

This is the kind of "showstopper" about which Paul Hollywood smirks, and says "You were so focused on style, you forgot that it has to taste good." And then he pauses and says, "It's a shame."

Artistry: 2.4/5
My enthusiasm: 2.2/5

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