Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★½

"This is how I fight."

Exhaustingly hyperactive for a long, long time, and preachy as hell — although some of its sermons have me cheering, and I may have teared up once or twice.

The sensory overload of it may translate to some as greatness. It doesn't to me — not yet, anyway. I'm not sure its adds up to more than the sum of its parts — its weaknesses are almost as significant as its strengths. The fast-forward action scenes are inventive but off-putting. It has too many butt-plug jokes. It never pauses long enough to give us a chance to think or use our own imaginations. And it feels about 15 minutes too long, belaboring its messages until they become convoluted and even confusing. I'm not sure how soon I'll be willing to subject myself to the relentless pummeling of it again.

But the handmade special effects are consistently surprising. The Son Lux score is effective. And the cast is uniformly fantastic — the three leads would be worthy of the praise "awards-caliber work," if awards meant anything. I mean, we knew Yeoh was great, but who would ever have thought she could do this?! And I sincerely hope Jamie Lee Curtis is remembered at next year's Oscar season — unlikely, but this is the funniest, bravest performance of her career.

The only sufficient response to this is many enormous paragraphs long. I'll come back to it when I have something like another minute or two.


Calum Marsh: "In what dimension is it remotely justifiable to have a 40-minute emotional climax?"

coolguybastion: "Like I’m literally crying in some scenes and then 😭 Dildo prop comedy???"

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