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  • If Beale Street Could Talk

    If Beale Street Could Talk


    An absolutely beautiful film about the power of connections between two people — how difficult they can be to form, how vital they can be once formed, and the impenetrable barriers that divert and subvert them once they are formed.

    Jenkins demonstrates the wondrous, emotional, eternal connection between two lovers, but practically every scene also focuses on other connections — or the lack thereof — between two people. Getting someone to see you for you — a girl, a landlord,…

  • High Life

    High Life


    How many films can have one shot, coupled with one line of dialogue, that both upends all previous iterations of a common sci-fi concept and perfectly captures the thematic weight of the physical and philosophical concepts at play?

    The lightspeed sequence is astounding — "This sensation, moving backwards, even though we’re moving forwards, getting farther from what’s getting nearer, sometimes I just can’t stand it." — for the way it describes the truth of interstellar travel while underscoring the existential…

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  • My Neighbor Totoro

    My Neighbor Totoro


    A joyful, heartwarming demonstration of the manner in which imagination saves and enriches childhood. It's impressive that Miyazaki gives no real plot role or backstory to these incredible creatures — they simply appear, fully formed, like any imaginary best friend of elaborate scenario you remember cooking up when you were young. And though they aren't real, that doesn't mean the powerful effect they have on you during trying times isn't.

  • Two for the Road

    Two for the Road


    Of all the obnoxious male characters ever put on screen, Albert Finney underappreciating, negging, and mansplaining to Audrey Hepburn has to rank near the top.

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  • The Devils

    The Devils


    The filmmaking is certainly unrivaled, but most positive reviews on this site seem based on shock value and the film's previous unavailability alone.

    There's a really, really uncomfortable thread here that modern anti-#MeToo critics would lovingly embrace. Accusers, as Russell presents them, are just repressed, needy women who level baseless accusations in an effort to ruin our heroes — mustachioed men who settle down after their previous philandering left a trail of wrecked women but no consequences for them. Other…

  • Four Rooms

    Four Rooms

    It’s like going to see a band you like, but first you have to sit through two garbage openers, a halfway-decent middle act that still feels like a waste of time, and then the headliner you were dying for doesn’t come out for another hour and when they do, the drummer is singing lead vocals. And the whole time, Tim Roth is standing next to you acting like Mr. Bean but speaking in a voice that’s two octaves too high, for some inexplicable reason.