Harakiri ★★★★★

Every now and then, I come across a movie that, in its flawless execution, awes me immensely. Here's one -- I can't simply give it 4.5 stars, say it's a fantastic movie, and walk away. No, Harakiri is deserving of every single plaudit that has been showered upon it (no coincidence it's one of the highest rated on Letterboxd).

Harakiri tells the story of a man who committed Sepukku with a bamboo blade. That he is pushed to such desperation is the focus of a series of flashbacks recounted by his avenging father-in-law. The movie challenges issues surrounding class issues in 17th (?) century Japan. But for me, more compelling than anything else is the family v. honor clash that the movie dares to interrogate, by exposing the hipocrisy of well-regarded feudal clans.
It is a sad tale, but also ultimately frustrating.

I can't say I have watched many better movies. The acting is top-notch, the dialogues are captivating, and every single scene is captured with perfection.

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