In the Mood for Love

In the Mood for Love ★★★★

“What happened to your new tie?”
“It was too showy. I’ll just stick with the old one.” 

I think those two lines deliver one of the many themes and ideas of the film- something new, maybe even better comes along, and you’re excited to try it out. But a sense of dread and embarrassment flow in and it still lingers even after many attempts to hide it. You go through with your original plan and give it a go, but only for a lasting moment as the new is too scary and unpredictable. You go back to your comfort item, whatever that may be, and it feels better, only for a bit. A new sense of regret comes into play that makes you run that memory through your mind over and over again that it becomes to much to handle. You think about going back, trying it out again, but the time has passed. It’s too late. You’re stuck with your conventional thing and there’s nothing to do about it. Sadness may stay for a couple months, or maybe even a year, but eventually, like most things in the world, it goes away. You move on and don’t look back. You stay at this stage for quite sometime until a tiny reminder comes into your life-it could be anything-a certain dish, an item of clothing, a show, a movie, it doesn’t exactly matter how it infiltrated your mind again, but it did. This time, there’s no getting rid of it and stays. It now occupies a corner of your mind, taking up other storage that might have been used for other memories, which may also come back in due course. Until the moment you die, the feeling of regret lives on doesn’t stop eating away at you until there’s nothing left. 

Sad movie bro.

*should’ve used my peep show line from the Suspiria 2018 review! Damn!

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