Saw ★★★★

So I finally watched Saw! And it was...pretty fun? I wasn’t really expecting much because James Wan directed it(I don’t like the conjuring movies) but it was really a piece of it’s time. The editing was completely wack and some of the acting(Elwes) is really cringe, but it fits the tone of the movie okay. The best parts were definitely in the nasty room with Larry and the other guy. The characters and dialogue actually carried those parts, which I was very surprised by because it’s a Saw movie. Tbh the gore wasn’t as great as I thought it would be, but there were some cool practical effects sprinkled throughout. Danny Glover was in this, which was just amazing I love him so much. 
I definitely see what all the hype was about and I’m pretty excited to watch the of them? God that’s a lot.

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