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  • Fish Tank

    Fish Tank


    Look, I'm sorry Andrea Arnold but........your films are just too slow for me! At least this one was only two hours rather than American Honey's three. Though this kinda makes me want to check out your short films, since if the only problem for me is length, then those will probably perfect since theyre short by definition.

  • Grand Prix

    Grand Prix


    The dialogue scenes: 2.5/5
    The racing scenes: 4.5/5

    It's kind of jarring just how different in quality the two parts are. The racing scenes are so energetic and quick and feature some of the best editing I've scene in any movie. But then we go to the monotonous, dull dialogue scenes and you're just bored to tears. But then you're back in the action and its fucking glorious. Well, I guess that's what you get when you bring on the writer of *checks notes* ALL THAT JAZZ?????

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  • Peter Rabbit

    Peter Rabbit


    When you have the premise of "Domhnall Gleeson tries to kill James Corden", it is a bad idea to not have the film end with Domhnall Gleeson actually killing James Corden. I wanted to see James Corden's rabbit corpse hacked to pieces by an insane Domhnall Gleeson but instead I just got extreme mediocrity. You have failed me yet again, Sony.

  • Greta



    I NEED this to be a long running series of horror movies. So, to make it easier for Hollywood, I'll come up with titles

    Greta 2: The Greturn
    Greta 3: The Greckoning
    Greta 4: Greta's Got a Brand New Bag
    Greta 5: Gretuation Day
    Greta 6: The Gretables Have Turned
    Greta 7: Gretakes Manhattan
    Greta 8: Greta Works In Gretail