Call Me by Your Name

Call Me by Your Name ★★★½

My thoughts about this film are complicated. First of all, the film has very sloppy writing and editing. You can tell the film was based on the novel and the novel is probably much better. The film has so much story from the novel and it doesn't realize that in order to properly adapt a novel, you're going to have to cut and change things in order to make a good movie.

The performances in the film are good. Nothing special. Timothée is fine. Armie is fine (and also FINE amirite?). I love Michael Stuhlbarg in everything and I smile whenever he's on screen in this and any movie he's in. No one else stands out enough.

I love the score and Sufjan Stevens' songs. Absolutely fantastic. I am downloading them on Spotify as I write this.

As for my actual feelings, I didn't have much, outside of the several hilarious scenes throughout the film. I didn't really care about Elio or Oliver or their relationship. I'm not sure if the film did something wrong or I just didn't care for the relationship.

The rest of the technical aspects of the film didn't stand out enough for me to comment on them.

Now, my thoughts on the film should be done here, but two things bug me still. First, I had this feeling in my chest that I can't explain while watching it. I could tell it was probably a good feeling, but I don't know what was causing it. The only other clue I have about it is that it increased with the score and Sufjan's songs.

My final thought is about the morality of this film, both the story in the film and the actual making of it. It is definitely fucked up that Elio is 17 and Oliver is, what, 24? "But it's legal in Italy!" THAT DOESNT MAKE IT RIGHT. ELIO IS STILL A TEENAGER WHO WANTS TO BE AN ADULT DESPITE HIS NAIVETE AND OLIVER IS EXPLOITING THAT. But, these are fictional characters. Maybe it's written so that Elio is mature for his age or whatever. Fine. But then why did the (straight) author of this book make it so it's 17 and 24? There's no reason for the age gap. They could've been 19 and 22 and nothing would've been different. So why did they insist on having this disgusting predatory undertones to this story?

Whatever. This film isn't good enough or bad enough for it to be worth getting worked up over.

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