Carol ★★★★½

I want to talk about something I love in film: simple scores.

By that, I mean scores that have very few instruments playing in them. This score (to my untrained ear) seems to just have a piano, some woodwind instrument, and a quartet of stringed instruments. But, the way Carter Burwell uses these few instruments is so beautiful and powerful and works for this film so well.

It has been almost two years since I saw this film last and the only real memory I had of this film was the score, because after I saw the film the first time, I immediately got the score and put it on my phone because I loved it so much.

So scores like this, The Piano, Inside Out, The Hours, and probably others that I'm forgetting or just haven't found yet use just a few simple instruments to create such masterful music that I just die for.

I put simple scores up there with capes and snow as some of my favorite things to see (or hear) in a film.

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