The Umbrellas of Cherbourg ★★★½

Okay, so I have one big problem with this movie, but before I start on that, I'll get the good stuff out of the way.

This movie is very beautiful, in more ways than one. The way it looks is beautiful. The story it tells is beautiful. The actors are beautiful. The music is beautiful. Even the orchestra is beautiful... sorry, bad joke. I fully understand why this film is a classic.

Now for the problem I have with it.

I have a hard time with musicals that sing everything. Songs in musicals are meant to represent something important, either and emotion or an event or something that's important. Singing everything makes the audience think everything is important, which it isn't. But, even then, at least make it seem important with your inflections and your emotion behind the words. But, sadly, here, it's not really singing. It's talking with pitch changes and rhythm. I have this same problem with March of the Falsettos (but not Falsettoland).

Take another musical where every line is sung, Les Miserables. Though there are some scenes that dip into talking with tone, the majority of the scenes have the actors singing loudly and boldly or softly and intimately, making you feel the importance of what theyre saying.

This is just a problem I have with it. I don't expect you to hate it alongside me because of it. It's just a stylistic choice I don't like. If you do, that's fine. I don't.

But, to reiterate, I appreciate a lot of the great aspects of this film, they just get bogged down by their apathetic singing. The beautiful score almost makes up for it for me to give it four stars, but not quite.

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