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This review may contain spoilers.

There's always that one line in Wes Anderson movies that just knocks me sideways. He knows the moment in this one. He acts coy and he toys with it, but it stills hits as hard. It's the line from Jeffrey Wright where he says "with good luck, maybe we'll find what eluded us in the places we used to call home."

I'm a big believer in the idea that we can learn so much from other places. Not everywhere has it completely right or wrong, but nationalism and isolationism are toxic ideologies under any circumstances. In the case of The French Dispatch, Liberty is richer for its cultural gifts from Ennui.

This is a line that makes me think about the way Wes feels about his new Parisian home and his connections to his Houston roots. He may have escaped to a world that better suits his own kind, but he continues to think about where he came from and what he can give back, crafting work designed to be distributed in the US.

As an immigrant myself, I often think about what eluded me in England and whether or not I'm finding it here. I feel like I do when I get the opportunity to participate in experiencing films like these. It's a line that reveals the heart of The French Dispatch and how it's one of Wes' most personal exports yet.

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