Black Widow

Black Widow ★★★

It has been 2 years since the last MCU film and since then I have slowly started to outgrow the MCU and I was really hoping that this would make me a hardcore fan again but sadly it did not do that.

For the most part, I had fun with Black Widow but I also had a lot of issues. Like all MCU films, there is so much forced humor and they consistently extend scenes for the sake of a joke. A lot of the characters really have no motivation for their actions and they all came across as very generic especially the villains, they also really wasted a great villain in Taskmaster. David Harbour was easily the worst part of the movie his character added absolutely nothing to the story and his accent was horrendous. You are going to be hearing this a lot but his movie feels like it should have come out years ago and that is very true, it just felt like such an odd movie to give a prequel film to a character who died and because of that it just did not really add anything new to the universe. The movie also takes place at the wrong point of time in Black Widows' life as it should have shown us how she joined shield and met Hawkeye. The movie also just follows the same marvel formula as all of the other Marvel films.

For me, the best part of the film was Florence Pugh she just completely steals the movie. I also really liked how this movie felt grounded compared to all the other films in the series and it really reminded me of Captain America The Winter Soldier. The movie also had some really strong action scenes and I also really loved its use of different locations.

Black Widow is just a good film to check out if you really have nothing better to do, it gave me 2 hours of entertainment and during that time I never really found myself bored.

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