• Day of Wrath

    Day of Wrath


    Typically, Dreyer’s work is a tribute to the strength of the human spirit. To our ability to overcome any obstacle life may throw at us, to persevere and come out not only stronger but more complete. But like anything human, so too is the soul vulnerable, and oh how easily can it shatter. In the end, it is not the divine nor the forces of nature on judgment day we must fear, but one another.

    For Dreyer, to live was…

  • Vampyr



    The films of Carl Theodor Dreyer belong neither to this world nor the one that follows, but to the spiritual plane which lies somewhere in between. His concerns were those of the destination of the soul; how our actions in life impact the person we become and how we choose and sometimes are unfortunately forced along a path to follow. The question he worries over is how our lives will be judged at the moment of reckoning – maybe before…

  • Morocco



    Watched with one of Letterbox’s greatest personalities: Cormac

    There is perhaps no harsher environment to try to survive in than that of the desert, harder still is when it has become the internalized climate of the soul. In such conditions it seems as though the most human of emotions have been long since smothered by the strong sandstorms of past pain. In a place so desolate, nothing can grow or mature. Most of all, nothing beautiful can birth anew. In…

  • The Blue Angel

    The Blue Angel


    #Lena with Lara

    The road to happiness and life-fulfillment is the final goal of any man, but that is not to say it is an easy route to follow or even to find. In the end, choosing the correct companion to accompany you down that often hazy and mysterious path may decide if you wind up at your desired destination or follow an attractive, though misleading, trail straight to depression and misery. But more than that, the most helpful guide…

  • Bay of Angels

    Bay of Angels


    Casinos are my church, gambling my religion
    It’s faith placed in luck, not an addiction
    There’s no veil thicker to hide behind than one built on lies
    Here I can at least watch as my life passes me by
    No time to cry, no time for regret
    Life is but a game of roulette
    Round and round the ball goes
    Where it stops nobody knows

    “5.000 on 17”
    “No more bets”

    There it is. My last bit of money, my…

  • The Docks of New York

    The Docks of New York


    It’s funny how the places that receive the most transit end up being the loneliest locations in the world; how we often feel more isolated when surrounded by others. The plot of this film takes place in the titular city’s port, a place where people are constantly coming and going almost at a faster rate than the tide itself. No one has any ties or any care. This is a place where marriage is a joke, where love can be…

  • By the Bluest of Seas

    By the Bluest of Seas


    Do you know that feeling of taking the first bite out of an especially visually appealing tart, which a second after tasting, you realize is even better than you could have ever imagined? Or when you’re just in a really good mood and your friend turns on a music track that you’ve never heard before but perfectly matches what you’re feeling and becomes an instant favorite? It’s that state of complete and total euphoria.

    That feeling is exactly the tone…

  • Autumn Days

    Autumn Days


    What I’ve discovered from exploring the seldom-seen, though highly rated, older films on this site is that around the glowing lights of the much beloved classics there was also darkness brewing on their edges. This was not the happy and adorable romance I was hoping to break up a successive line of painfully tragic, existential character studies which I’ve found myself seemingly trapped in, if anything it managed to one-up them on the ol’ Depressometer.

    I was suckered in by…

  • I Knew Her Well

    I Knew Her Well


    The connection that we have with music is truly wonderous and extraordinary. The fact that from a series of combined sounds we can feel the level of emotion that we do is one of the most magical parts of life. Like a good friend, we spend time with our music; we relax with it, it can console us, we may hide away from the worries of the world by taking a few moments to listen to a few of our…

  • The Last Command

    The Last Command


    Defending one’s honor is an all-encompassing objective. It requires defense strategies, risky maneuvers, and dogmatic following to its purpose. There must always be a standing army waiting for any offensive because the motherland is always under attack from foreign adversaries. Fight, fight, fight. Not a single inch of land can be given up because that is a sign of total defeat, the result of which is the end of one’s built-up pride.

    Overtime ambitions grow larger, borders must be expanded…

  • Summer with Monika

    Summer with Monika


    Summer with Monika marks the earliest I’ve journeyed into Bergman’s filmography and for a director known for his mature reflections on faith, human relationships, and the purpose of life, it makes only sense that an earlier work would concern the troubles felt by the youth. Bergman chooses this time to forego many of the markings of his later work for a simple story of young, seemingly star-crossed, lovers on the run.

    This subgenre is one that is very appealing to…

  • Hellzapoppin'



    The screenwriters of Hellzapoppin’ were either a group of friends whose home is a padded cell or who spent a little too much time eyeing up nose candy, but then a more rational explanation would be a combination of the two. There’s a lot to be said about the energy and speed of this film, it’s overwhelming to the point where the film quite literally runs off its own projector – several times! That combined with its creativity and recklessness…