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  • Apparatus M

    Apparatus M


    Feels like a half gesture, but it's sure as hell striking. People can't seem to decide if it's progressive or reactionary, but like any worthwhile attempt to deal with identity, I think it welcomes both the artist's good and bad to the table.

  • December Hide-and-Go-Seek

    December Hide-and-Go-Seek


    A home video that condenses an emotional immediacy difficult to grasp in everyday life, in the process using a screen as a symbol of detachment. Huh.

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  • Pas de Deux

    Pas de Deux


    Transmuting individual persons into universal physical forms by turning them into backlit outlines, then stretching and expanding them across time and space to create a dance no longer just of bodies but of manifested souls. The moments of stillness in which the dancers are visible as specific people only makes the abstraction more moving. Surely the most romantic thing I've ever seen. I actually put my hand to my heart like a lovestruck southern belle while watching this.

  • My Neighbor Totoro

    My Neighbor Totoro


    Honestly did not expect to rate this so highly. It’s so… modest? Part of me feels like I shouldn’t rank it as a masterpiece simply because it doesn’t reach as high as other great kid’s animated films, like Mononoke or the Iron Giant. But this film isn’t good by virtue of aiming low. In fact, the sun-bleached warmth and imagination of this film isn’t aiming low at all. I haven’t felt this genuine a level of childhood innocence since, well,…