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This review may contain spoilers.

I'll never forget how much zeal was shown by the audience during my cinema experience with this film; it was amazing. The cinema experience was great, but I was very mixed with my feelings on the film. Since then however, I have come to appreciate Rian Johnson's approach to this film more and more every time I watch it.

Thematically, this is now my favourite Star Wars film, and it's because nearly every character is drastically developed through failure. Because of this, The Last Jedi is also probably the most artistic Star Wars film, with the support of stunning cinematography and visuals of course as well. Luke now has one of my favourite character arcs in Star Wars as he has become broken-down through his failings, but it's through his failings where he learns to redeem himself and spark a new hope to the Resistance and the Galaxy. He also didn't go out through the act of violence, just like a true Jedi, and he honestly could not have gone out in a more satisfying way because of this. Next we have Kylo Ren, and boy did he get stuff done in this film. He failed in The Force Awakens, and it's through that failure that urges him forward. Poe fails through his arrogance and learns to become a responsible leader, and Finn and Rose fail their entire mission and finally learn their place in war as they now have something to fight for. As for Rey, she still has so much mystery behind her. I just really like how the characters were handled in this film.

Some parts of the story do feel a bit slow and uninteresting, but it redeems itself in the end for me by supplying pretty much a whole hour of action and excitement, the battle of Crait and the throne room sequence being the main highlight for me. In fact, the story is fairly similar to The Empire Strikes Back, just much more grand in scale. Overall this film certainly delivers some shocks, some great character development, strong themes and symbolism, while all being another very fun Star Wars film that effectively moves the story forward openly for what will hopefully be a very rewarding and satisfying conclusion to this saga.

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