Tenet ★★★★

I don't think I've ever seen a film that demands a rewatch, or even multiple rewatches, as much as Tenet. I think it might be Nolan's most perplexing film yet, but unfortunately that's what holds this film back just a little bit, at least on a first viewing. I guarantee this film will only get better the more you come to understand it.

It doesn't help that I was TWENTY MINUTES LATE to the advance screening either. Looking back on the trailers, I may have missed out on some important set-up details, as well as an exciting action sequence that I was really looking forward to seeing. Oh well, all the better reason to watch the film again I guess.

But with that said, the film doesn't really have its pivital exposition point for the inversion concept until halfway through the film. It's important to expect to be really confused during the first half of the film, because otherwise I can see some people complaining about how hard the film is to follow. The film is designed to be that way. From that point on, everthing comes together like puzzle peices. It heavily expands upon everything you've seen until that point, while giving shape to everything you'll come to see, with very exciting results. As I said earlier, the film literally demands you to watch it again, and I'm really eager to do so.

More to the point on the exposition of the inversion concept, it's a lot of information to take in, without much space to breath. I don't see it as a flaw, I just see it as a delay to experiencing the true value of the film. I'm going to have to watch the film with subtitles, while pausing it every so often just to take the information in. Once I've done that, this might be a sci-fi/action masterpiece. If you compare it to other films of the genre, this has some of the most spectacular action sequences and inventive ideas you'll find. But also keep in mind that this is more plot driven than it is character driven. Kenneth Branagh's character as the villian specifically was pretty weak, which is odd coming out of a Nolan film. It's a film that has less emotional depth, but it is an absolute spectacle.

And that's another thing. It's incredible how little this film relies on VFX. All the time reversal stuff is its visual effect, but technically speaking it doesn't count as being a visual effect. It's a highly practical film and it's impressive.

As of now, I'm a little conflicted with the film, mainly because I struggled to keep up with it. But as I said two times already, it's a film that demands you to watch it again. I really like what this film had to offer, so I'm absolutely willing to do just that. And I really urge others to go in with those expectations.

Overall, Tenet is another ambitiously brilliant Nolan film that shines an inspiring light on the power of original filmmaking, especially during a time where cinema is at an all-time low. It's hard to say whether it'll live up to expectations at first, but it's absolutely another admiratble offering by Nolan.

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