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  • American Psycho

    American Psycho


    I've seen this many, many times, while I will never in my life read the book a second time. Yet still I know the book is better than the movie.

  • 711 Ocean Drive

    711 Ocean Drive


    #17 of my grand project to watch every noir I own that I haven't seen before. Today: 711 OCEAN DRIVE (1950)

    Of the many standard noir themes, ambition is one of the bigger ones in my opinion -- so much so that "noir of ambition" should probably be it's own subgenre (or sub-subgenre). 711 OCEAN DRIVE is a good one in this mode, tracking the rise of Edmond O'Brien's character from basic good guy all the way through to violent…

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  • Cactus Flower

    Cactus Flower


    "I must say it's grotesque, a woman your age throwing yourself at a kid like that."

    "What about that father and daughter thing of yours? If you don't think that looks ridiculous..."

    "It's different with a man. A man with a younger woman looks entirely appropriate, but when it's the other way around..."

    "Well, you go to your church and I'll go to mine."

    Somehow this went from being just an enjoyably madcap 60s romantic comedy to being legitimately one…

  • Léon: The Professional

    Léon: The Professional


    What's funny is that this movie is just full-on about how Luc Besson is a pedophile and yet everyone pretty much just chooses to ignore that part and think of it just as a cool, chic movie about a relationship between an
    adult man and a little girl that was directed by a man who once impregnated a 15 year old. Pretty well shot, though.