Dunkirk ★★★★★

Christoper Nolan provides further evidence that he is one of the most gifted directors working in the medium. 'Dunkirk' is not just a great war film but it blurs the lines and exemplifies itself as a terrific suspense thriller. 

Structurally, 'Dunkirk' is presented in a non-linear style that masterfully demonstrates the importance of all regiments. It's an incredibly unique experience and an excellent example of visual storytelling due to it's minimalistic use of dialogue. 

Nolan has gone on record as saying that the silent era was an inspiration when making this film. Upon viewing, 'Dunkirk' that technique is evident. The combination of Hans Zimmer's pulsating score and Hoyte van Hoytema'a cinematography is impeccable. It blends seamlessly and in turn creates something totally picturesque. 

Unfortunately, I have heard people criticise the film for it's lack of character development. This is an argument that I strongly disagree with. I felt an affiliation with the different personalities as a result of their physical dilemma. You root for these individuals not because you know their names or where they come from but because you fear for their safety. It's an extraordinary narrative with the set-pieces being the icing on the cake.

Nobody in Hollywood is making films like this. Christopher Nolan has proved yet again that blockbuster cinema can be smart and when done correctly it beautifully orchestrates the power of filmmaking.

This is the best film of the year and I will be amazed if anything surpasses it.

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