Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia! ★★★★★

After my last viewing experience I didn’t exactly have the urge to watch movies for a bit.
So I took a day off and just cooled down. 
Then today I wanted to watch The Clock but I decided to wait and buy it on DVD instead. 
So I ended up watching this. 
Upped my rating to a five on this watch.
By no means perfect but so utterly and completely joyful I can’t help but love it. 
Amanda Seyfriend gives one of the most joyful performances I’ve ever seen.
She smiles through basically the whole film.
This film is melodramatic as fuck and I love it. 
It’s literally the plot of a soap opera. 
The utter chaoticness of this movie as well is pretty impressive. 
So much is happening at once and I love it.
The soundtrack is one of my favorites in movies period.
ABBA never gets old.
Voulez-Vous and Lay All Your Love on Me are my favorite songs and sequences in the movie. 
The wedding sequence near the end is amazing.
And the wedding toast sequence is truly amazing as well. 
It’s all just perfect. 
This is one of the most joyful films I’ve seen and will ever see. 
It makes me smile the whole way through. 
It’s pure wacky fun uplifting joyous insane romance film. 
I really could care less about the errors of this film it’s perfect to me. 
And again Amanda Seyfriend gives an outstanding performance here. 
A perfect film.
And a great detox after my last viewing experience. 
On another note I almost watched Moonstruck and now I’m planning to get to that soon since it’s leaving Criterion Channel.
It’s been forever since I’ve used Criterion Channel so I’m going to start putting it to use. 
Also this film makes me cry with joy for like the entire final 30 minutes.
Colin Firth is truly the best. 
A musical masterpiece.
Oh and Meryl Streep is also amazing.
The Dancing Queen scene I mean c’mon. 
But everyone is great here.
Literally not a single bad performance to be found here.
And it’s such a great feeling not to be watching a 2021 film.

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