No Time to Die

No Time to Die ★★★★½


It’s the end of an era.
The Craig bond saga has come to an end.
And what a way to go out. 
This film is chock full of emotion, amazing action sequences, and absolutely stunning cinematography. 
If the second act didn’t drag this would be a 90. 
The second act dragging and Rami Malek being kinda weak in terms of acting up until the end are really my only issues.
Other than it’s a pitch perfect Bond movie.
I let the tear ducts flow during the final 30 minutes basically throughout the whole film.
But that final 30 minutes is top tier Craig Bond stuff. 
Like wow. 
The direction by Cary is amazing. 
Like I think every review I’ve read has mentioned this but where has this type of direction in blockbusters gone. 
This film proves you can still masterfully direct a blockbuster. 
It’s doesn’t need to be called high art to be appreciated from a visual standpoint or metaphorical stand point.
This film is a perfect example of that. 
Cary I applaud you for this. 
The visuals are vivid and bring the world to life. 
The opening credits sequence here is better than every Marvel that’s come out this year so far. 
I was skeptical since Billie Elish was doing the song and I don’t enjoy her music that much but it just perfectly fit the title. 
The song was just perfect. 
The credits were as well. 
And this culminates everything from the Craig era together.
Mistrust, love, espionage, and the grit. 
It isn’t nearly as gritty as any of the previous films but that’s fine in my eyes.
This film has a massive amount of empathy towards its characters. 
It treasures Craig as Bond. 
And those final scenes really just put me to tears. 
It’s just knowing that the Bond era I grew up watching was over that really got me sad.
I saw Quantum of Solace, Skyfall, and Spectre in theaters. 
I’ve grown up knowing Craig as 007. 
Sad to know that era has come to an end.
I’ll be watching this film again for sure because the theatre experience was amazing. 
This needs to be seen in a theatre. 
This needs to be experienced.
A perfect send off to an amazing run of Bond. 
That I doubt will ever be replicated again. 
I’ll miss seeing Craig as Bond.
His relationship with Moneypenny and Q especially was just a display of how great Craig can mesh with other actors. 
There isn’t a bad performance in here except Malek in the first half. 
This is a near masterpiece I highly highly recommend. 
Even though I rated this a 4 1/2 have no confusion this is a masterpiece. 
This is a masterful film that I will never forget.
Goodbye Mr. Bond.

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