Persona ★★★★★

So this is another film I had not rewatched in a while and today I had some free time so I just turned it on.
And just damn.
Easily in my favorite films.
The concept is just amazing. And how Bergman executed it is even better. 
Liv Ullman’s stares are just horrifying. Because at first you’re thinking wait what’s going on. Then the scene when Bibi Anderson first meets her you just get chills when you realize why she froze on that stage. 
Trying to be as vague as possible. 
Also the twist on who the boy is just shocked me that entire conversation alone is a 10/10.
There’s so many layers to peel back here. 
I mean I can’t even fully say I understand the opening scene. I understand part of it after getting context for the boy but other parts I’m still confused on. 
Bergman’s writing is top notch. Some of the best writing in any film. Once again the way he uses his concept is just amazing. 
And Bergman’s direction. 
Just wow.
The shots on the beach just look stunning. The shots of the room at night look amazing.
All the shots are masterful. 
I could spend my whole review on the direction alone but I’ll hold of and just say it’s perfect.
And the acting.
Liv Ullman again is just amazing. Same with Bibi Anderson. 
And there’s pretty much just two people the whole movie and they manage to keep you entertained. 
So summed up it’s just perfect in every way.
An easy 11/10 still in my favorite films and sadly the only Bergman I’ve seen but I’ll be rectifying that soon.

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