Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★★½

RIP Carrie Fischer should’ve been with us much longer.
CGI’s just on another level of good in this film.
The Holdo Manuever silenced the entire audience in the theatre I was in. I mean that scene was masterful. 
The ending with Luke was done really well it fits his character to go off the way he did. It aligns perfectly with Jedi ideals. As a person who reads the expanded universe I appreciated it. 
Yoda’s scene is amazing.
Seeing Luke’s daily routine was pretty fun.
The duel scenes (while not constructed to the best they could possibly be) are a spectacle. The throne room scene is great but one again has some flaws. But it’s more about the character moments in this film.
The scene with the lightsaber breaking was just a perfect way to destroy that lightsaber. It’s metaphorically perfect for the story. I mean it shows Kylo and Rey are in that major struggle between the darkness and the light perfectly.
Now this film does have flaws but all films do. 
The scene where Leia flies through space is actually pretty great. Once again in a metaphorical sense. It shows how she continues to fight even in near death. 
Rian Johnson has made some amazing films Looper being my personal favorite but this is a close second. Also Knives Out would be third.
But yeah 9.5/10 if it weren’t for some small issues I had it would be perfect in my eyes.

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