Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

So before I start the review I have another question. 
What’s your favorite film experience and why? 
Here’s the list:
But yeah I woke up this morning feeling down and not really having a lot of energy then in the middle of the day I decided to watch this because I heard it was high energy and I love the Talking Heads. 
And high energy is an understatement. 
This film has so much energy it’s insane. 
I had a smile on my face beginning to end.
I was so happy and full of energy by the end I couldn’t even contain it. 
David Byrne is a force of chaos.
He’s just insane. 
The scene when he’s dancing with the lamp may be my favorite scene in the whole film.
Or the opening.
Actually never mind the whole film is my favorite scene.
I can’t pick one.
This has one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen. 
I try to see a few concerts every year and this perfectly capture the energy of a concert. 
Not just that ever single member of the band is exploding with energy every second of the film. 
The performance of Burning Down The House may be the perfect example of that. 
Everyone is so full of energy it just elevated the song to another level. 
Jonathan Demme’s direction is amazing. 
The way he shoots everything just makes you feel like your there. 
The shots of the big suit are just amazing to look at.
He perfectly shoots the band. 
And the way he films the lamp is amazing. 
It’s just perfectly directed. 
The music is of course amazing.
Psycho Killer in the opening just shows you exactly what your in for. 
Burning Down the House is just amazing of course. 
Slippery People is performed just perfectly as well. 
Once in a Lifetime is glorious to watch. 
That’s the only way I can describe this film glorious. 
This is what cinema can be. 
This is added to the favorites list and this gets a 13/10 it impacted me in such a happy beautiful chaotic way. 
This is beyond a masterpiece. 
I’m glad to say it is in the favorites list because if anything belongs there it’s this. 
I’ll definitely be rewatching this glorious piece of art.
I would honestly say this is one of my favorite things ever. 
I just can’t wait to rewatch it.
I can’t believe it took me so long to get to this. 
I highly highly highly highly highly recommend it.
This is one of the greatest films and film experiences I’ve ever had.
And this flew by. I didn’t feel the runtime at all.
I was so invested I couldn’t look away.

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