The Green Knight

The Green Knight ★★★

I loved parts of it.
The visuals are obviously stunning and the score is by far my favorite part.
The score is downright angelic.
My favorite scene was The Green Knight’s entrance on Christmas Day. 
But I just couldn’t connect with the characters or performances.
The performances were solid but I can’t see Dev Patel as Sir Gaiwan from the tale.
I couldn’t take him seriously. 
Alicia Viklander however was perfectly cast. 
But there was just something about the acting that didn’t feel real. 
Like it just shocked me out of the film.
Everything up to The Green Knight’s game scene was not working for me.
I also don’t know what to think of the ending.
I don’t know if I liked it or hated it.
I’m just mixed on this entire thing.
I need a rewatch is what I’m trying to say.
I’ve read the original tale many times which is the main reason I’m so mixed on it.
I believe we should be able to change tales and myths and give new interpretations of them but I can’t say I vibed with this interpretation of the story.
However when the film is good it’s amazing but when it doesn’t work it doesn’t work.
I’m restraining myself from saying a lot about the plot so you can experience it for yourself.
I’m happy Lowry did what he wanted to do but it didn’t work for me personally.
I was hoping to love it more than I did but here we are.
Again expect a rewatch by the time the DVD is released.
Because I do want to see it again.
I love films that explore Arthurian legends and this one nails it in a few scenes.
Some of the exploration of bravery and fear was pretty good.
But the ending again that kinda ruined it for me.
Overall this is a pretty good film.
I just found it to be pretty average.
I really want to rewatch it though because I did love bits of the film so much.
I’m sure this will go up on rewatch but this is where my rating sits now.
If this was 2018 me I would’ve adored this film and given it a 5/5 but my tastes have changed and I’ve grown to like a different type of film and my tastes have changed.
But I will rewatch this eventually and hopefully love it.

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