Singin' in the Rain

Singin' in the Rain ★★★★★

(Letting a movie book pick my film day 1)
Delightfully optimistic with an undercurrent of corruption, 'Singing in the rain' deserves it's title as one of the best movie musicals ever created. A joyful journey from start to finish, this movie highlights the good the bad and the ugly sides of Hollywood.

Corrupted by the obsessive need to maintain fame we follow our protagonist (again I forget names very quickly) whom begins by lying and cheating his way to the top. Slowly, his life begins to derail as he meets Kathy, a women whom reminds him of the joys of self. By the end of this picture our main man has said goodbye to the silent past and embraces the world of musicals- a place where he can be truly successful on screen and as a being.

Reigniting in us all what makes art so desirable I will forever love this film for the simple reason that anytime I watch it I'm reignited with inspiration and hope that one day I too can create a piece of art as (although not iconic as) good as this

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