Nostalgia ★★★★★

"Poetry is untranslatable, like the whole of art."

A new favourite. Much could be said about the technical elements of the film, from the dreary, dark, but beautiful colour grading to that sweet, sweet Stalker-like cinematography. However, the film's brilliance lies in Tarkovsky's personal drive shown throughout the film and in my opinion, this is the most personal film he made.

In the last few years of his life, Tarkovsky looked back on everything he's done in his life, all the things he has achieved, all the people he has loved and made happy, people he has hurt and betrayed, and all of the lives he has impacted with his art. Tarkovsky's life is the foundation of this film and unlike his others that I have seen, this is his most vulnerable and most poignant, in that he uses this film to ring to his personal life as if it's an estranged diary or an account of everything that has happened in his life and what it has culminated into up until now. This is what makes Nostalghia so great, it uses this foundation to its fullest potential and delivers something so stunning and incredible.

Rest in peace, Tarkovsky. You were one of the greats.