A Ghost Story ★★★★★

It's kind of hard to put how I feel about this movie into words. A Ghost Story is every existential thought I've ever had about life after death, leaving a legacy, and wondering if anything I did mattered put on screen.

This film is slow paced, and not everyone is going to jive with it. I'll say if you're still on board after the much talked about Rooney Mara pie scene (Which is f***ing incredible) then you'll dig this movie. The themes and visual storytelling are what this film is all about, and if you let it consume you it's a pretty amazing experience.

Director David Lowery crafts a beautiful and subtly haunting film, one that showcases his craftsmanship and passion behind the camera. Rooney Mara and Casey Affleck are great, they are among my favorite actors working today.

A Ghost Story is a truly special little film that manages to capture concepts and ideas I never thought could be so perfectly portrayed on screen. This movie doesn't punch you in the gut with emotion, but it slowly consumes you and by the end I was left floored. One of the best films of the year by far.

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