Another Round

Another Round ★★★★½

I'm not getting the opportunity to watch (or for that matter, review) many films these days - recently my limited down time has either been filled with The Last Of Us or Love Island - so when I got a spare 2 hours last night I jumped at the chance to catch up on a movie that I missed when it first came out. Pleased to report that Another Round lived up to my lofty expectations and then some.

Perhaps the fact that I’m half-cut while writing this review says something about my own relationship with alcohol, but I found the manner in which this film portrays the various stages of intoxication to be one of its strongest elements. Through camerawork, editing, framing, and sound design, you're made to feel just about as drunk as the four central characters are - from the tipsiness of a 0.5% BAC to the "point of ignition" and beyond. It makes for cathartic viewing (and a whole lot of brilliant comedy) and propels the narrative forward at a fantastic pace.

Mads Mikkelsen flexes his acting muscles here in an extremely impressive way, portraying a flawed, intricate, and ultimately very likeable character with real panache - and the cast of Danes around him (all of whom I'm obviously unfamiliar with) all put in their own excellent and nuanced performances. Maria Bonnevie's Anika, in particular, is a heartbreaking portrayal of a woman falling out of love. It's so easy to get invested in the story with an ensemble as strong as this, and with Mikkelsen at the helm it's difficult to even take your eyes off the screen.

So yeah, loved this one a lot. Better late than never right?

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