Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★★

I loved this film. It was so suspenseful, and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. For the sixth entry in a horror franchise, it would usually be bad, but for scream, all the films are brilliant. I enjoyed the last one, and I liked all the new characters, especially the twins, but this requel sequel is way better than the last film. With this being the first scream film without neve Campbell as Sydney I was kinda worried but in my opinion this film was better off without her. If she did show up, then she would have been dragged into this franchise again, and you gotta feel sorry for Sydney at this point. I'm glad she got a break.

Scream is my favourite horror franchise. I'm not the biggest fan of slashers, but I love the scream films. They each are very good and are so fun to watch these films and try to guess the killer. I like the new main group of characters. Sam and Tara are so good in this film. I especially loved the twins. With the new characters just being OK, they weren't the most interesting, but they were just fine. This film is probably my favourite scream sequel. It is more violent, bloody, and the most suspenseful film. The film would be better if the killers were more interesting and had a better motive, but still, they were the most blood thirsty ghostfaces and were extremely violent. Like all the kills were brilliant. The opening was amazing, you kinda know what was gonna happen with an opening kill but subvert expectations. The new setting is my favourite. New York is way bigger than woodsborrow and a college and a film set. It could literally be anyone.

I loved this film, but if it weren't for the alright motive and unforgettable killers, then this would be higher. Still, this is a great sequel and is definitely my favourite scream sequel.

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