• Nobody



    This was bad but I still enjoyed it? Yeah? I wasn’t bored. I don’t think any of it is as good as the films it’s clearly inspired by. But, yeah… fine.

  • A Single Man

    A Single Man


    Revisited this for the first time in years. I think the first time I watched this i rented it from Love Film. 


    Ooft. Bit good, innit? Bit sad too. But also darkly funny. Beautiful and imaginative visual storytelling from Tom Ford. A mesmerising performance from the Firthmeister. Bravo, Colin! 

    Just a lovely film x

  • In the Heights

    In the Heights


    I don’t wanna ruin everyone’s good time. But this one just didn’t do it for me.

  • Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside


    How could you give this anything other than 5 stars? I’ve never seen anything like it and I don’t think it would’ve been possible before now. I’ve never seen a more accurate, beautiful, painful, funny and sad look at the process of creating. I’m in awe of Bo but I hope he never does anything like this ever again.

  • An American Pickle

    An American Pickle

    This is very bad movie.

  • Crimson Peak

    Crimson Peak


    I haven’t been on here for a while but I had to come and log this one. What a load of shit this is. I’m genuinely a bit shocked. Nonsense.

  • Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

    Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


    My first time watching this and obviously it’s brilliant. Properly laugh out loud funny - many lols were had. You can tell The Simpsons took a lot of inspiration from the delivery, tone and characters. Peter Sellers is outstanding X3. It’s hard to keep in mind how surprising the ending would’ve been if I wasn’t already familiar with, and expecting THAT SHOT. 

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    I’m thinking I liked this but didn’t enjoy it..? 

    I think it’s about many things - sometimes it felt like it was about dementia. Sometimes it felt like it was about the experience of losing your individuality when you’re in a relationship. Sometimes it felt like a study of the unrealistic expectations men have for women. Sometimes it felt like a criticism of Hollywood and the romantic lie we let ourselves believe. It felt like all of this and more…

  • Tenet



    I’ve seen this three times now. Yes, three. I also plan on seeing it a 4th. You can watch my spoiler free (post 2nd viewing) review here.

    I wanted this to be another Inception. High concept as a way to explore character. But it isn’t that and it never promised me it would be. That was my fault. Once I accepted it for what it is, which is a delicious puzzle set to a tremendous soundtrack, I fell in love…

  • Batman Begins

    Batman Begins


    I forgot just how good this is. The pacing, the set pieces, the performances, all of it just works. It believes in itself. They do shit for real and you can just tell. Batman isn’t on screen for the better part of an hour and you don’t get impatient waiting for him. The story weaves between past and present beautifully, doing what Nolan does so well; dressing up a character study as an action film. There are three villains in…

  • Inception



    Saw this on the big screen for the first time in 10 years. It’s just masterful, innit? A character study dressed up as an action film. It’s a therapy movie and it’s not even trying to hide it.

  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    I’m just gonna go ahead and give this a full five stars without thinking too much about why. Simple reason: I had a fantastic time. Not once did I wanna check my phone. Not a single thing in the movie bothered me. I liked everything about it. Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti are magnetic and hilarious. It’s sharply directed. It uses the time loop concept in a completely original way. It was surprisingly touching. I loved it. Favourite film of 2020 so far.