Skyfall ★★★½

“Skyfall” (2012), is dazzlingly striking! A dramatically enriching continuation of Daniel Craig’s legacy as James Bond. This third entry lends itself into a much more intimate territory as it presents a far more personal story that brings forth emotional gravity that the films prior to this one haven’t been able to achieve. The characterization, dynamics, and relationships are utilized in ways that allow for moments of genuine investment. Craig captures Bond’s bravado once again while surrounded by other superb performances from Judi Dench and especially Javier Bardem, one of the most mesmerizing Bond villains to date. Roger Deakins creates some of the best cinematography the series has ever had with meticulously composed visual presentation. Like most Bond films, this piece is still littered with absurd plot conveniences and formulaic writing. There are also noticeably bad computer generated effects present at times during the film. Though this entry may not be perfect, it definitely stands as one of the most influential and memorable films in the entire 007 catalogue. Its tight grasp on bona fide poignancy offers up a truly unique experience that is very much needed across the James Bond franchise.

7 out of 10

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