Nope is brilliant. Maintaining the thrill and suspense we've come to expect from Peele as an auteur the film also satisfies that itch for a fun summer blockbuster. So much is being said under the surface but you don't necessarily need to listen to enjoy the film. Unlike in Us I feel like these ideas are given the appropriate amount of attention as to not distract from the films purpose while also ensuring that people can leave the theater with something to think about. 

Gorgeously paced; Nope is transcendental in terms of genre. With his trademark sense of humor the film has a lot of great laughs which are usually book marked with straight horror. In a similar fashion to Us, the climax leans more towards a Spielberg-esque action film but this time around it feels more coherent and maintains the stakes really well. 

Peele is really in his element with this one and he has really won me over with Nope. Something I love about this film and his previous works is the fact we get to know a lot about him as a person; what he thinks is funny, what music he likes, what he finds thrilling and exciting.

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