Shark Encounters of the Third Kind

Shark Encounters of the Third Kind ★½

Watching a film from Wild Eye releasing is like playing the cheap, scratch off lottery. Gotta pay for the ticket, probably only a dollar or two, and hope you win. Only thing is, you usually win nothing and are left with a useless piece of paper. In this situation, Shark Encounters of the Third Kind was a one dollar lotto scratch off, and I lost some money on it.

This film is just flat-out bad. The acting is... Non-existent? The story is obnoxiously incoherent. The special effects are grade-school efforts. The music is stock. For that matter, a large chunk of the footage is stock.

With all that said and done, it's obvious that the movie knows what it is, and for that reason, I DID actually enjoy watching it, but I could never really recommend it to casual movie-goers. This is solely for those who are willing to enjoy sheer visual garbage at the cost of time and brain cells.

Don't go into the water, there's crappy puppet sharks and aliens in it.