• Zillafoot


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Zillafoot is a perfect storm of bad, but a storm I don't mind weathering. The film serves as the directorial debut for Anthony Polonia, son of Z-Grade director Mark Polonia (depending on who you ask, this is either an insult or a shining compliment.) Anthony Polonia does his best with what he has to work with at the time: literally no budget, gear limitations from 2014 (?), and strange but inspired actors.

    The initial cut ran very short for the…

  • Robowar


    This is a monumentally horrible film. This film is the definition of low-budget shlock. The acting, production design, music, and story (?) are borderline non-existent.

    I love it.

  • Synchronic



    Being a fan of Moorhead and Benson's previous outing, The Endless, I had high hopes for the director duo's latest mind-bending effort, Synchronic. Running headfirst into this film with little to no knowledge of the story, I was satisfyingly whelmed by the final result.

    Don't take my "whelmed" comment in a negative manner, the story and actions within are very unique and expertly crafted. The reason I use that specific word is due to my previous experiences with the duo's…

  • Shark Encounters of the Third Kind

    Shark Encounters of the Third Kind


    Watching a film from Wild Eye releasing is like playing the cheap, scratch off lottery. Gotta pay for the ticket, probably only a dollar or two, and hope you win. Only thing is, you usually win nothing and are left with a useless piece of paper. In this situation, Shark Encounters of the Third Kind was a one dollar lotto scratch off, and I lost some money on it.

    This film is just flat-out bad. The acting is... Non-existent? The…

  • The Church

    The Church


    The Church is an inspired, if not extremely flawed Italian-made horror film. Director Michael Saovi was clearly aiming for a thought-provoking, lore driven slow burn thriller, but the script just won't allow for it. This could be due to disagreements between Saovi and the famous Dario Argento, the latter of whom both wrote and produced the film along side Saovi.

    Overall, you'll still get vibrant visuals, a killer soundtrack, and enough creepy, fever dream like scares to entertain your horror needs, just don't think about it too much.