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This review may contain spoilers.

There was only ever one end for Craig's Bond. With its often frustrating dedication to keeping the character grounded and multi-dimensional and constantly questioning the franchise's relevance, a tortured Bond would only ever find peace in death.

Maybe he was blown into the waters somehow (the fact that his testicles apparently survived Casino Royale is more incredulous). Maybe he was killed and will be replaced with a code named James Bond. Maybe it was always multiple men as Robert Brown's portrait hangs alongside Judi Dench's. Maybe they'll do a full reboot. Maybe they'll return to the original continuity. Maybe it doesn't matter. This is the end of Daniel

I just know that whatever comes next I don't want another origin story.

For anyone who wants to complain about the ending, but insisted that they liked Craig because he was closest to Fleming's original iteration of the character, may I also remind you that Fleming killed Bond off five books in with From Russia With Love, only to bring him back in the next one for the same reason James Bond will still return after being blown away by his county's own

But the Craig era has answered its thesis question well with this final film. Does the world still need James Bond and why? The answer is yes, he exists to stop supervillains and we love it.

Marvel, Mission Impossible, and Fast and the Furious have all gone the route of the original Bond films and now the franchise is ready to say goodbye to this period of introspect and post 9/11 grit and return to the blockbuster business to remind the world that nobody does it better.

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