Suspiria ★★★★½

This falls into the same trap that Hereditary did at its conclusion of explaining things that definitely don't need to be explained and would be so much stronger left ambiguous. The rest is pretty spectacular though.

Guadagnino handles the 70s setting remarkably well, giving everything an air of authenticity that transcends the nostalgia-porn trappings of a lot of the pop-culture that's around at the moment.

I also love how restrained he is in playing direct visual homage to the original, leaving the impressionistic lighting to the climax and opting instead for a bleak, grey colour palette.

Performances are outstanding across the board, with Mia Goth being a surprise standout for me. Swinton's performance is a beautiful balancing act, hovering somewhere between menace and allure.

Thom Yorke's score is beautifully calibrated as well, fluctuating between melancholic, ornate piano pieces and dread-inducing synth experiments.

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