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  • The 355

    The 355


    The first official 2022 cinematic release I have seen this year. The 355 sees a top-secret weapon fall into mercenary hands, a wild card CIA agent (Jessica Chastain) joins forces with three international agents (Diane Kruger, Lupita Nyong’o & Penélope Cruz) on a lethal mission to retrieve it, while staying a step ahead of a mysterious woman (Bingbing Fan) who's tracking their every move.

    Certainly not deserving of the petty and bitter review bombing that it is currently receiving on IMDb…

  • The Tender Bar

    The Tender Bar


    George Clooney’s latest directorial effort. The Tender Bar sees a 9-year-old J.R. Maguire (Daniel Ranieri) move into his grandfather's (Christopher Lloyd) dilapidated house in Long Island, N.Y. Searching for a father figure, where he falls under the unconventional mentoring of his uncle Charlie (Ben Affleck) As the years pass and J.R. grows into a young man (Tye Sheridan), he tries to fulfill his dream of becoming a writer.

    This is the first of Clooney’s directorial features (many of which have…

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  • Cronos



    Director Guillermo del Toro’s debut feature film. Cronos sees an antique dealer Jesus Gris (Federico Luppi) stumble across Cronos, a 400-year-old scarab that, when it latches onto him, grants him youth and eternal life -- but also a thirst for blood. However he is unaware that a dying tycoon (Claudio Brook), has sent his nephew (Ron Perlman), to find the scarab and bring it back to him. 

    A suitably unique and (at times) eccentric twist on the familiar vampiric traits…

  • The Lighthouse

    The Lighthouse


    “Why'd ya spill yer beans?”

    Robert Eggers’ sea scented psychological, claustrophobic horror nightmare. The Lighthouse sees two lighthouse keepers (Willem Dafoe & Robert Pattinson) try to maintain their sanity while living on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s.

    Though it may have lost a touch of its thunderous, alcohol, insanity fuelled impact, with a couple of more prominent pacing problems. However the film still provides a brooding, prickly, intense and thoroughly immersive tale of two men potentially,…

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  • Batman: Death in the Family

    Batman: Death in the Family

    The latest DC animated project. Batman: Death in the Family retells the fate of Jason Todd prior and during the events of Under the Red Hood.

    Firstly, do not buy or rent the digital version of this film, as it is utterly pointless in terms of the interactive element (and main selling point) of the feature, because it doesn’t include it and secondly even without this aspect the new film you get is a complete waste of time, as all…

  • Parasite



    2020 Movies: Ranked

    Bong Joon Ho: Ranked

    Similarly to The Lighthouse this was a film that has had a lot of praise and hype towards it, so I was eagerly anticipating this to be released in the UK. Luckily there was a one night preview screening of the film near me so I got the chance to see it before it’s general release this Friday. Parasite sees the unemployed Kim family take interest in the wealthy and glamorous Park family…