A Nightmare on Elm Street ★★★★½

The first and easily the best of the Elm Street franchise. Robert Englund plays the iconic Freddy Krueger, the spirit of a slain janitor who haunts the dreams of the teenagers of the parents who were responsible of for his death. No one else can play Freddy like Robert Englund can, he is synonymous with the role and he's clearly having a blast, laughing manically and wisecracking with pure menace delivering the now iconic lines. The prosthetic makeup, razor glove and hat and sweater combo are all still striking today. What I also like about Elm Street is how well written and deep the characters of the teens are, instead of just being there to die you actually care about them and hope they survive. Heather Langenkamp is excellent as Nancy, with a great victim-to-badass character arc. The effects and kills are unique and brutally bloody, with some schlock props and impressive wire and stunt work the film still holds up. Wes Craven directed the hell out of all these scenes and the cinematography gives us so many memorable moments. Also the score of the film is 80's all over but has some truly epic and menacing synth and keyboard sounds. A slasher and horror classic and the introduction of one of cinema's most iconic villains. Essential viewing.

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