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This review may contain spoilers.

The 23rd instalment of the ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe‘ and the finale chapter of ‘Phase 3’. Following on from the events of Avengers: Endgame, Peter (Tom Holland) is recruited by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) on a school trip to Europe to fight alongside new hero Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal) to stop a new threat called the ‘Elementals’.

This sequel ups every aspect from Homecoming, from its scale, action and stakes and is still an absolute blast on this rewatch even though it didn’t have as much impact on me this time round. The globe-trotting toad trip narrative structure is a unique idea and makes for many visually engaging and memorable locations for set pieces and as the students explore. This does however have an effect on the pacing as the film does feel rushed at times to fit all the location hopping in and does mean the film isn’t as focused as its predecessor.

It is however very fun and engaging to watch the students travel around Europe and really makes the film feel like the older Spider-Man comics from the 60-80’s where he would go on outlandish and country hopping adventures. Although it was obvious it was going to happen for fans of the source material like myself, the way the film executes the reveal and how it is created is perfect to bring the character and power-set of Mysterio into the modern day and to interconnect him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with some incredibly niche details and references. 

The action here is far better than Homecoming’s and are some of the best sequences in the MCU. Director Jon Watts really upped his game here with the choreography and the amount of praise given to the animators and visual effects artists cannot be enough. From the Elemental battles in Venice and the Czech Republic to the mind-bending reality altering nightmare perfection of the Mysterio vs. Spider-Man battle in Berlin to the “Avengers level threat.”  finale battle in London. The cinematography is solid with a bold colour palette, which is refreshing as a lot of the MCU films do have a blander visual style at times. The new black and red suit design looks excellent and is easily one of the best live action suits and the final swing is an absolute triumph.

From a writing standpoint the film does overdo the humour at some-points e.g. Ned & Betty’s relationship, a literal knock knock joke that goes on too long and some cheesy lines. However a lot of the time the humour lands, the opening tribute to the fallen Avengers, everything to do with the two school teachers and Happy is nearly always funny and the students do have their moments. From a dramatic and emotional standpoint the film leans heavily on the Tony Stark being gone angle and Peter having to live in his shadow and take responsibility, which makes for some great moments, with Peter and Happy’s talk on the plane being one of the best scenes in the film coupled with a grin inducing homage scene. 

Tom Holland is just as good here as in the previous outings, he captures the awkwardness of Peter in social situations, and yet also the dedication and determination he has to help people and he really delivers in the dramatic scenes here. Jake Gyllenhaal is a riot as Mysterio, chewing all the scenery and essentially is acting 3 times over in this film due to the character of Quentin Beck. He switches from heroic and understanding to psychotic and ruthless effortlessly. Samuel L. Jackson & Jon Favreau are reliably good as expected and Zendaya & Jacob Batalon get more to here as MJ & Ned, with the formers relationship with Peter getting explored more and they have great chemistry.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is still an extremely entertaining film within the MCU. The story is fast paced and visually engaging with a variety of locations. The action set pieces are phenomenal and a huge step up from the previous film. The performances are great all round. Though not as focused as the first film and some humour over-usage, this is still a great time. Also it has possibly the two best MCU post-credit scenes.

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