The Scarecrow

The Scarecrow ★★★

This was directed/written by one of my favourite Youtube creators: HiTop Films, so I was interested to see what it would be like. It's a 10 minute short horror film available on Youtube and sees a young woman (Nathalie Small) being haunted by an unknown scarecrow-like presence.

Visually this film is excellent, really impressive for a lower budget short. There is a neon tinged glare to the proceedings which give it a unique style. The bold colour pallete of dark red, purple, blue, grey and black are impactful and striking and memorable. The cinematography and editing are creative and well executed, with a variety of shot types and angles and a very intense montage section with some effective sound design, the soundtrack of the short also is well implemented and adds another level of menace.

The acting is good. Nathalie Small only really has dialogue towards the end so her whole performance is through facial expressions and body language and she gives a great performance, especially as she begins to become more and more panicked as the film progresses. The look of the scarecrow is cool as well, reminded me a bit of 'The Babadook' mixed with the 'Batman Begins' antagonist, it has great screen presence and the shot of it in front of the red backdrop that features on the poster is awesome.

There are some jarring cuts and scene transitions at times, and some of the audio and sound volume and mixing could've been a bit better. Also the plot itself is also a bit cryptic and vague (which I get is the point). But these don't take away from the fact that this is an effective horror short that is worth checking out.

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