Almost Famous

Almost Famous ★★½

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I probably enjoyed 1/3 of the story mostly some of the smaller characters and story arcs, most of the band road tour and baindaid groupie lifestyle and characters I couldn’t invest in and a lot about this film frustrated me and made it hard to sit through, the runtime felt way too long I watch the almost 3 hour directors cut this, story didn’t need to be this long a lot of the themes and drama’s felt reparatory throughout. I felt uncomfortable watching a group of older man fool around with underage girls. A lot of the more interesting characters and plots that drew my interest didn’t get enough screen time mainly Kate Hudson and Francis Mcdormand. I think the only time the humor worked for me was the airplane crashing scene one of the goofier sides to the story. Also so many talented actors in this were wasted in meaningless roles the story felt so messy. I thought I was really going to dig the sound track I like 70’s music but most of the time it was meh! with a few good songs.

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