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I really think I grew to love this film more the second time round because I knew what to expect I could just vibe with the experience and tension.
It set up its main theme right from the get go with Dani dealing with grief and the loss of her family, this film it a lot about her journey to find a new family and a place she can call home and feel safe and this community/cult help her to fill that void as where her boyfriend who is a complete douchbag dose not give her the love and support she needs he is really just thinking about his own needs and desires and building his life around his ego even screwing over his friends to come out on top. Pretty much every character in this film is a shitty character and corrupts the purity of this place and its religion which is why there chosen to be sacrificed to purify there land and crops. All the actors give a great performance playing well to their stereotypes but Florence Pugh steals the show with her deeply emotional performance.
The cinematography is very good but there strongest element is the score, I love how the score is very dramatic and eerie giving the audience a feeling of dread throughout, giving you a sense their heading towards something sinister but you doesn’t know what. it makes the experience more thrilling. The last 30 minutes of this is the strongest part for me it just takes you on a wild experience and mind fuck you with its shocking imagery and morbid sacrifices. A very well crafted nightmare fuel vacation gone wrong.

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